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March Exhibitions

March was an exciting month, with two exhibitions being held. For the first half of the month we exhibited the many and varied works created by the Zonta Geelong Club members. This was followed by a very different exhibition of the works of two local photographers, Nicholas Soames and Geoff Schirmer.

"Women a celebration"

1st - 16th March 2009

Zonta Geelong Club presents an exhibition for International Women's Day - to view photo gallery click here

Geoff Schirmer

Geoff Schirmer

Geoff Schirmer


Geoff Schirmer is a self-taught black and white image maker who does his own film processing and printing. His journey in this elemental form of photography began at Portland in 1973. He was attracted to the landscape of the Bridgewater peninsula, exploring symbols in landscape and nature as metaphors of the human spirit, weathered by, yet enduring the seasons of life.

He remembers, with gratitude, the generous advice and encouragement given to him by Cor Melis - a professional photographer at Portland.

Geoff was encouraged by early success as a member of the Portland Camera Club, winning the Black and White section of the annual Western District - Victoria - Inter-Club exhibition in 1974 and 1975.

An accomplished rock-climber, he further honed his photographic skills in capturing some of the spectacle of many climbs in the Blue Mountains-NSW, and the Grampians and Mt Arapiles-Vic.

After moving to Melbourne in 1978 his photographic journey continued, in both black and white and colour, during extensive bushwalking and cross-country skiing in the Victorian Alps.

To view Geoff's photographs click here

Nicholas Soames

Nicholas Soames

Nicholas Soames on location


For Nicholas Soames, photography is another form of artistic expression, equally as important as writing, drawing, graphic design and music.

Nicholas first studied photography at the Gordon Institute of Technology, Geelong as part of his preparation for University.

Ash Wednesday 1983 was a pivotal event in regards to Nicholas' commitment to the art of photography. Losing his own house and all his possessions while saving the houses of others, Nicholas developed a deep appreciation for the capturing of frozen moments in time.

His professional interest in photography continued when he commenced a Fine Arts Degree at Deakin University where he further refined his photographic skills.

At the end of his second year at university, Nicholas and a friend, Phil Daniel, set up Echidna Productions, an independent documentary production company and began filming 'No Deposit No Return'.

Four years later and with two documentaries under his belt, Nicholas migrated to Sweden, were he lived and worked for the next three years. After learning the language, Nicholas worked for Swedish Television Channel 1 as a program researcher and off-line editor.

Nicholas and family returned to Australia in 1992 where he commenced a Degree in Journalism / International Politics / Swedish. While studying he also worked part-time for The Children's Television Foundation and ABC TV. After finishing his studies, Nicholas continued working for the ABC when he was employed to build their first Digital Natural History Sound Library.

This position also involved audio post-production for seven natural history documentaries. The last documentary, 'A Living Eden, Kakadu' won Nicholas an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement.

To view Nicholas' photographs click here