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December 2012

December Newsletter


Exhibition Dates: December 2nd - December 23rd
Gallery Open daily: 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

”Foraged and Stitched”

Quilts and stitched textiles by Marion Matthews

An exhibition primarily of quilts. Not art quilts, not traditional but somewhere in between! The exhibition is an exploration of fabric that has been foraged, scrounged, recycled or fossicked and constructed/pieced into quilts that showcase the fabric. Utilizing fabric that has been collected in her travels, from Africa, Asia, Australian and recycled Japanese Kimonos etc. These quilts showcase the fabric and bring fabric from around the world into an harmonious blend of colour and texture.

"I don't remember a time when I haven't had the need to create and stitched textiles has been the direction that I have pursued with passion for over 25 years", Marion said. Having grown up in a family that made their own clothes, spun wool, knitted and generally "made", Marion was originally inspired to join the local quilting group "because they seemed like a great bunch of women to get to know". Marion has continued the craft, extending the limitations of traditional style patchwork.

Marion lives in Horsham, where she exhibits regularly in community exhibitions for festivals and events, she has exhibited at Horsham Regional Art Gallery, the Makers Gallery in Horsham, Goat Gallery in Natimuk and Wartook Artist Studio as well as solo exhibitions at Evelyn County Winery and Yering Station Winery in the Yarra Valley, Off the Beaten Track Gallery at Buangor, Blarney Books and Gallery Port Fairy

Although she has experimented with many styles of quilt making, Marion is continually drawn back to the traditional American style of quilt making, exploring the rhythm and pattern created by repetitive blocks, and often controlled use of colour. While still using some traditional quilting fabrics, Marion now prefers to utilize fabrics such as recycled kimono silks, or fabrics that she has collected on travels in Africa, Asia and Australia. She now describes herself as a fabric "forager", always drawn to the opportunity to seek that unusual piece of fabric.

The work is all machine pieced with hand and machine quilting. The quilts on exhibition are designed to be used! They can be used as traditional bed coverings or as throws and decorative soft furnishings, or as wall hangings, quilts/textiles provide excellent acoustic qualities.

”Conversation Series”

Paintings by Deborah Brearley

In this series of paintings, Deborah uses the gridded patchwork form as a metaphor for verbal communication. A change in the placement of the tonal values and colour can have a great impact on a perceived design. So too does the way we pronounce a word, say a word or phrase to those who we communicate with. The way in which we say something, an inflection, can alter the meaning of the spoken word. This can affect the way we relate to one another and how something is perceived by the listener..

”Foraged and Stitched”

Foraged & Stitched Foraged & Stitched Foraged & Stitched Foraged & Stitched Foraged & Stitched

”Conversation Series”

Conversation Series Conversation Series

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